Clean Your Pool Like a Professional

OC Pools Plus has provided some helpful maintenance tips to keep your swimming pool performing in peak condition.

Chlorine is needed to keep algae and other things from growing in the pool. Chlorine will work best when its level is monitored and kept just right. Purchase a pool test kit from a local pool supply store. Test the water daily to make adjustments as needed. If the level is too high, put less chlorine in the water. If the level is low, then it means that more chlorine, or a shock treatment of concentrated chlorine, is necessary. Only add chemicals to a vacant pool.

Filter the Water
Even with proper chlorine levels the water will become cloudy if not filtered for eight hours per day. How long the filter runs depends on two factors: the cleaning capacity of the filter and the quantity of water in the pool. A professional at a pool store can help you determine how many gallons are in the pool and the running capacity of a filter. Average running time for a filter is between four and eight hours per day. When in doubt, let the filter run longer.

Vacuum and Skim the Pool
Daily skimming keeps the surface of the pool clean and inviting. Leaves and dead bugs are unsightly and carry microbes into the pool. Scoop them from the pool before they have a chance to decompose and sink to the bottom.

Vacuuming is necessary because no matter how hard a pool owner tries to catch every leaf with the skimmer, something will get by. Weekly vacuuming is recommended because it keeps the pool looking clean. Plus, it is far easier to vacuum a clean pool than one with heavy debris on the floor.

Brush Walls & Tiles
Weekly brushing of walls removes any dust or debris from the walls and allows no build up to start. Soap and brush tiles to help prevent any calcium build up and keep the tiles looking as good as possible.

Empty Pump Basket
Turn off system & empty pump basket after you vacuum to allow the filter to circulate to its fullest capacity. Feel free to turn the system back on after the pump cover is tightened, to allow the pump to resume its filtration.


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